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Best Storm Leads is a leading lead generation company that specializes in providing exclusive and pre-screened sales leads for businesses.

Our mission is to fuel your growth and success by delivering verified and qualified prospects who are ready to engage with your services.

With a remarkable 80% sit rate on appointments, we guarantee results that will take your business to new heights.

Trust Best Storm Leads to bring you the clients you need to thrive and work smarter, not harder.

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If You Have The Closers, We Can Get You The Appointments That You Need!!!

We only offer guaranteed pre-screened, qualified, EXCLUSIVE sales leads!! Residential or Commercial We do not resell our leads we issue exclusive only. We Guarantee qualified appointments that CLOSE!!!!

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How many appointments can you use per day?

  • - Our appointments have an 80% sit rate.
  • - Do you have closer's?
  • - We have EXCLUSIVE appointments!
  • - All you need to do is choose the city or zip code or give us an address to search around and we do the rest!
  • - Verified, confirmed, qualified prospects, who want and need your services NOW!
Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide quality appointments to help grow your business and working smarter not harder.

Setting The Standards In Lead Generation!

Our services can be tailored to fit any budget and any size business. We prefer to earn your loyalty by producing results. We will focus on setting quality appointments so you can focus on growing your client base, closing sales, and generating maximum revenue!

Our Commitment

Built from the ground up with hard work and dedication to success for us and our clients. We are looking to build long lasting business relationships with serious clients. We perform quality work so that you can focus on closing deals and making profits!

Voices of Satisfaction: Client Reviews Speak Volumes

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying About Best Storm Leads

Rudy Langley

Best Storm Leads has been a fantastic partner for our mold remediation company. Their Mold Leads have consistently provided us with leads actively seeking our services. We highly recommend their exclusive appointments to anyone in the restoration industry.

Sebastian Reid

Best Storm Leads has exceeded our expectations with their Hurricane Storm Leads! We've secured numerous satisfied clients thanks to their exclusive appointments. It's refreshing to work with a company that prioritizes quality and customer success.

Ellis Barrett

Kudos to Best Storm Leads for their outstanding service! Their Hail Storm Leads have opened up new opportunities for our business. The appointments are spot-on, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

Crosby Keller

Best Storm Leads is an absolute game-changer for our business! Their exclusive leads have consistently brought us qualified prospects who are eager for our services. We've seen a significant increase in sales and couldn't be happier with the results.

George Lane

It's been a pleasure working with Best Storm Leads. Their Car Damage Leads have allowed us to extend our services to vehicle owners impacted by storms. The appointments are genuine and have contributed to the growth of our business. Thank you for being a reliable source of qualified leads!

Taylor Jordan

We are thrilled with the results from using Best Storm Leads' Solar Roofing Leads! The leads are unique and have connected us with prospects eager to embrace sustainable energy solutions. Their services have truly elevated our solar roofing business.

Gabriel May

The team at Best Storm Leads is top-notch! We've been using their Wild Fires/Smoke Damage Leads, and the results have been incredible. Their leads are highly targeted and have helped us make a positive impact in restoring properties affected by wildfires.

David Stevens

The team at Best Storm Leads truly understands our industry. Their Wind Storm Leads have been exceptional, and we've been able to help numerous clients with their property damage. Thank you for providing us with such valuable opportunities!

Jude Garrison

We can't say enough good things about Best Storm Leads! Their Flood Leads have allowed us to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by floods. The leads are exclusive and tailored to our services, making it a seamless process for us to connect with motivated prospects.

Dexter Hudson

Working with Best Storm Leads has been a breath of fresh air! Their Tornado Leads have been instrumental in expanding our client base. The appointments are of top-notch quality, and we're impressed with their dedication to delivering results.

Below Are Some Hints To Get You More Builds When You Run Our Leads.

Do Not Call The Appointment

If you show up and they are suddenly not home then try calling them then. But not before. If you do we cannot reimburse those leads that cancel and you will have horrible results.

Give Us Your Schedule

The homeowner is expecting you to be at their home for the time set. Make sure you give us your schedule so you have appointments set for you that you can make it to on time. If its going to rain or if you have adjuster meetings the following day, let us know by 10am not to set you leads. We also start calling Saturdays at 9am to set Monday leads.

Make Sure You Give Us A Damaged Area

We do not guarantee damages so it is important you let us know what area has confirmed damage. We can call off zips codes, cities, swath maps.

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  • We Guarantee every lead!
  • They will not have a signed contract
  • It will be in the area that you requested
  • You will meet with the homeowner
  • They will allow you to do an inspection
  • They have not been declined
  • They will be sold exclusively to you only
  • They will have insurance

Any Lead that an inspection isn’t performed on has to be returned within 48 hours to get reimbursed. Otherwise we will only reimburse for 20% of them automatically. Example 100 leads purchased – 125 Leads will be sent.

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